Welcome to the new Long Winters Library

Since the establishment of The Long Winters Library & Archive in 2004 the old library building was the hub of filing activity. However, this site has its flaws in displaying the wealth of information it holds. Indeed, since all the filing was done manually, many new items were piling up while your Librarian was dreaming of a snazzy new filing system. Getting involved with the official site didnĀ“t speed things up, but at last: here it is. A new Library building to do The Long Winters collection justice.

For now it will hold only the performing arts section and the reading room. Indeed large parts of these two collections still have to be moved from the old location. But when all this has been done, these collections should be complete again. Which means including all the old interviews, to which dead links do not lead you anymore on the interwebs!

It will be a work in progress to move the collection, but hopefully you will be able enjoy the results of this soon.