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Whensort icon Venue Where Additional info With
5 May 2002 Club Cafe Pittsburgh, PA Ken Stringfellow, Sheria Nicho...
6 May 2002 608 Club Somerville, MA (Boston) Ken Stringfellow
7 May 2002 Mercury Lounge New York, NY Ken Stringfellow, Kevin Hearn
8 May 2002 Black Cat Backstage Washington, DC Ken Stringfellow
9 May 2002 King's Tavern Raleigh, NC Ken Stringfellow, Crackpots
10 May 2002 Echo Lounge Atlanta, GA Ken Stringfellow, Brendan Bens...
11 May 2002 Caledonia Lounge Athens, GA Ken Stringfellow, Brendan Bens...
12 May 2002 Slow Bar Nashville, TN Ken Stringfellow
13 May 2002 Young Ave. Deli Memphis, TN Ken Stringfellow
14 May 2002 Mojo's Columbia, MO Ken Stringfellow
15 May 2002 Davey's Uptown Kansas City, MO Ken Stringfellow
16 May 2002 Lion's Lair Denver, CO Ken Stringfellow
17 May 2002 Kilby Ct. Salt Lake City, UT Ken Stringfellow, Aden & C...
31 May 2002 Crocodile Cafe Seattle, WA Radio Nationals, Deer Whistle
1 Jun 2002 University of WA Seattle, WA Fiver
2 Jun 2002 Dante's Portland, OR Ken Stringfellow, Fiver
3 Jun 2002 Senator Theatre Chico, CA Ken Stringfellow, Claire Hamil...
4 Jun 2002 Cafe du Nord San Francisco, CA Ken Stringfellow, Fiver
5 Jun 2002 Railroad Coffee House San Luis Obispo, CA Ken Stringfellow, Fiver
6 Jun 2002 Sanctuary Stage Theater Fresno, CA Ken Stringfellow, Fiver
7 Jun 2002 KXLU Los Angeles, CA Live from 88.9 FM
7 Jun 2002 Spaceland Los Angeles, CA Ken Stringfellow, Fiver
8 Jun 2002 Stork Club Oakland, CA Ken Stringfellow, Fiver
9 Jun 2002 Capitol Garage Coffee Sacramento, CA Ken Stringfellow, Fiver
15 Jun 2002 Paradox Seattle, WA Carissa's Wierd, Hello fr...
28 Jun 2002 Crocodile Cafe Seattle, WA John, Sean, Michael...
11 Jul 2002 Sunset Tavern Seattle, WA John solo Ken Stringfellow Band, Larry B...
13 Jul 2002 Capitol Hill Block Party Seattle, WA 1.30 pm Festival billing
1 Aug 2002 Baltic Room Seattle, WA John solo Jon Auer, Robb Benson, Josh Wh...
18 Aug 2002 Le Pichet restaurant Seattle, WA 2.30 pm, John...
7 Sep 2002 Tractor Tavern Seattle, WA An American Starlet, Rural Pic...
13 Sep 2002 Graceland Seattle, WA audience recording... Interpol, Heather Duby
14 Sep 2002 Cobalt Lounge Portland, OR Musicfest NW...
16 Sep 2002 Meow Meow Portland, OR Ultimate Fakebook
17 Sep 2002 Paradox Seattle, WA Ultimate Fakebook, Dolour
15 Oct 2002 Showbox Seattle, WA Chameleons, Spyglass
25 Oct 2002 Blackbird Portland, OR John Vanderslice, Super XX Man...
1 Nov 2002 Crocodile Cafe Seattle, WA benefit for UW... The Posies, Light Heavyweight
3 Nov 2002 Le Pichet restaurant Seattle, WA John solo
9 Nov 2002 Dept of Safety Anacortes, WA
6 Dec 2002 Chop Suey Seattle, WA Winfred E. Eye, Jesse Sykes, A...
7 Dec 2002 Stuart's Coffee House Bellingham, WA John & Eric... Winfred E. Eye, Jesse Sykes
17 Dec 2002 Knitting Factory (Alterknit Lounge) Los Angeles, CA Jesse Sykes, Buddahead
18 Dec 2002 Bottom of the Hill Seattle, WA Jesse Sykes, Winfred E. Eye
19 Dec 2002 Starry Plough Berkeley, CA Jesse Sykes, Winfred E. Eye
16 Jan 2003 Seattle Art Museum Seattle, WA good quality audio...
14 Feb 2003 Graceland Seattle, WA Stagger Lee, Blues Goblins
5 Mar 2003 Unknown Portland, OR
6 Mar 2003 Bottom of the Hill San Francisco, CA Nada Surf, The People
10 Mar 2003 Knitting Factory Hollywood, CA Nada Surf, The People