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From the Archives: John Roderick of The Long Winters | the long winters library & archive

From the Archives: John Roderick of The Long Winters

Songs to Learn and Sing
Publication date: 
May 16, 2010

From the Archives: John Roderick of The Long Winters

Songs to Learn and Sing, a Dublin-based radio show, has a blog with playlists, old interviews from the show and various bits of gig memorabilia.

When I interviewed Ken Stringfellow we chatted about Ken's work with John Roderick and The Long Winters on their second album When I Pretend to Fall (2003, Munich Records). Ken told me all about producing one of my favourite tracks off that album, Cinnamon.

When I interviewed John Roderick I asked him to explain what his song Cinnamon was all about. His reply made me love the song even more: "A lovestory set in a Red Brigade, Badder Meinhof Gang era Europe, where the two protagonists of the story are revolutionary anarchists whose gang hideout is being closed in upon by Interpol. There's an explosion and the girl gets away. The guy is captured and they're pressing him for information about her, but he won't give her up all he'll say is that her skin is like cinnamon."

John was in Dublin to promote Putting the Days to Bed the 2006 album by his band The Long Winters. The band hail from Seattle and John chatted about the influence that living in that city has had on him as a musician: "Looking out from the stage when you're starting out and there'll be only thirty people at your show but twenty of them will be other musicians, I remember playing a show to an empty room but the audience contained Peter Buck and Scott McCaughey, and that's a real shot-in-the-arm for any band starting out. I credit the city of Seattle with making me want to be a musician."

John also talked about growing up in Alaska and the possibility of touring Europe with a huge British band. The band turned out to be Keane.